Service is the lifeblood of any organization. Everyone flows from it and is nourished by it. We believe that customer service is not a department but an attitude. Diversity is necessary for effective communication, and Outreach has seen the benefits that a diverse workforce can generate. Depth of consumer understanding is critical to effective advertising. We are a multi-dimensional advertising agency deals with static, interactive and event management.

Since the days of our journey Outreach has always provided value added service to its clients. As a mother can understand all the queries of her child and try to fulfill all his requirements, we always try to satisfy our clients by giving the best of our ability.

As the counters of the market is fast changing and new strategies have to be delineated in synchronization with the shifting matrix of demand, we have always keep ourselves attuned to vibes of the market in general and its operators in particular .It is our belief that our diverse workforce makes for richer consumer insights and understanding. Our main objective is to offer a one-stop solution to meet all the marketing communication needs of our clients. Outreach believes that the best way to predict the future is to create it.

Our clientele includes a vast range of consumer product companies, service provider companies as well as FMCG MNCs.

State wise networking:

• West Bengal
• Orissa
• Bihar
• Jharkhand

• Uttar Pradesh
• Delhi
• Punjab & Haryanas

• Madhya Pradesh
• Chhattisgarh

• Mumbai


Our aim is to stand alone in our industry as an unquestioned leader. We want to be the biggest and the best amongst the builders of brands. Our vast range of products includes advertising, promotion, communication, market survey and market research and we provide complete services from concept through completion and execution:
1) Strategic planning (campaign conception, development and management )
2) Implementation (effective execution of campaigns)

Our Strength

1. Our biggest strength is our people.
2. Our people are passionate and energetic. They are capable of managing huge levels of in-market implementation detail and has the ready ability to scale up or down according to client's needs.
3. Our Pan-India network enables us to reach consumers in a manner that integrates brands directly with consumers and the trade. We are capable of both executing an in-store event and a national mobile tour.
4. We have depth and breadth of experience to develop fully integrated consumer programs that deliver tangible results. Our innovative and unique methods are compelling and motivating to the end-consumer with a strong and memorable call-to-action.
5. We strive to create unique programs that embrace the brand's strategy to leverage the best communication and drive measurable results for our clients.

Our Approach

We are passionate about great strategy, brilliant execution and optimum measurable results!
1. We stay current with industry trends and needs across a wide range of channels and consumer groups.
2. We listen to and understand our clients' objectives.
3. We develop strategies utilizing all the tools in the marketing and promotion toolbox.
4. Rural project teams, creative and in–field specialists execute programs seamlessly.
5. We measure results against agreed–to metrics and apply learning to successive programs.

When developing the approach, we combine three key elements:

- Consumer and category insights
- Client knowledge of their business
- Our own perspective and experience

And acknowledging four important questions:

Where we had been?
Where we are today?
Where do we want to go?
How can we get there?

Today’s Rural Market

Rural : the most happening place of tomorrow

There is a progressive shift in rural India From poverty to prosperity with regional variations of course, so marketers need to consider it with fresh out looks to find acceptance from the marketing point of view we can understand how important the rural market is by taking a look on the facts:
That by the end of 2004 rural India accounted for 725 million people, which is about 70 % of India’s total population with 128 million rural households rural population is nearly 3 times than the urban.
It accounts for about 60 % of the country’s house hold consumption expenditure.
As many as 53 % of FMCG sales lie in the rural areas , as do 59 % of consumer durable sales .
According to a latest result of national sample survey rural per capita consumption expenditure, between July 2001 to December 2003, grew by 11.5 % in contrast to urban.
As many as 725 million people live in 6,27,000 villages
Around 87 % villages have population cluster below 2000 people only 3.6 million outlets in rural India
Almost 35 % of the villages (219450) are not connected with the roads there are around 850 dialects and 16 official languages in India and rural people is comfortable in these only rather than Hindi or English
We are in the business of advertising and communication and we are specialized in rural advertising and communication with the base of our strong network and local knowledge.

Media For Rural Communication

Conventional Media

Mass Media: According to Latest Studies 70 percent of the R1R2 R3 Levels Of Rural settlements can be reached through mass media, whether it is the Broadcast media, cinema, or the local tabloid or periodical .

Local Media

Bus, Tractor, trolley, trekker, transport offer economic local area coverage so wall paintings, Suitable Mandy shed paintings, fairs and haat markets offer channels of communication.

Unconventional Media

The need for un conventional media arises for two reasons.
1. To capture the rural mind by a comfortable mode as the mass media is seen to be too impersonal and often unreliable by the rural consumer.
2. There are many pockets in the outreach landscape with significant media darkness . it is estimated that about 260 million people without access to TV radio and Print Media . The reason range from non availability to Illiteracy.

Our Innovative Means

Van operation: The mobile units have the advantage of packing interest creating elements to draw the audience to an exposure, detailing or sampling of a brand. In the rural environment of entertainment vacuum, the van promotions inter spread with adequate doses of Entertainment leave behind a lasting impact on brand preferences.

Mobile Network

Other approaches: A whole gamut of opportunities exist right at the audience doorstep , from weekly haat markets to seasonal fairs , the village chaupal and village service providers outlets like retailers , tea shops and dhaba owners and the common cycle repair shop .
Imagine the tree line around the village ponds, or the village well or tube wells where the village women troop daily for washing clothes as media opportunity for washing detergents and soaps.
Consider the scope of using public utility services to build up brand recognition through sponsored stationary like pass books, panchayat stationary etc.

Social Awareness Program

Market survey and research a full-service in marketing research with premier customer satisfaction survey and loyalty measurement programs, lost customer analysis, state-of-the-art interviewing and data collection, and quantitative and qualitative research expertise. We specialize in helping companies understand current customers, lost customers, potential customers, and employees (internal customers) by uncovering and tracking the factors that affect satisfaction, loyalty, retention, awareness, perception and various customer behaviors.